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Celebrating Father’s Day

Posted on June 20, 2021 by Admin

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Many Atria residents are expert parents, helping to raise big and happy families or serving as role models and community pillars. To celebrate Father’s Day, we’re talking to a couple dads in the Atria family about what it’s like to be a proud father, and any words of wisdom they wish to share.

“Be as involved with your kids as you possibly can”

Tom, a resident at Atria at Cranberry Woods in Pennsylvania, raised two boys and his philosophy toward parenting could be summed up in two words: Stay engaged.

“I tried to spend time and do new things with my kids as much as I could, mainly through outdoor adventures – fishing, hunting, camping,” Tom said. “We continue to do that together.”

This past winter, Tom and his sons – who are now semi-retired – drove up to a plot of land they own about 30 miles north of Atria at Cranberry Woods. They planted 15 fruit trees to start an orchard and then built a campfire, and some of his sons’ friends, who looked upon Tom as a father figure back when they were growing up, joined them and reminisced about old times.

“Even when they were little kids, we always stayed engaged, and we still do,” Tom said. “Just be as involved with your kids as you possibly can.”

“Family is everything”

“The best advice I can give is to play with your children, laugh with them, love them and give them attention,” Mel, a resident at Atria Seville in Nevada, offered. “That’s the kind of parent I was. I love my children so much.”

Mel is the author of eight published books and taught as a college professor, and in certain ways his interests have rubbed off on his kids. His son is a teacher of philosophy in Minneapolis and his daughter, a baker who worked at Mandalay Bay and won awards at the Culinary Olympics, recently made a career move to teach at technical schools near Atria Seville. Whenever she has a teaching question, Mel’s daughter comes to him and asks for his advice.

“It’s really wonderful when she comes to me for help with teaching and when she gets her arms around me and tells me she loves me,” Mel said. “I have that kind of relationship with my kids. Family is everything.”


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