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Dovie and Crystal

A Bond That Can’t Be Broken

Posted on February 20, 2014 by Admin

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Here at Atria, we talk frequently about the importance of social living and of being surrounded by friends with common interests.

This doesn’t mean all of those friends are necessarily people.

Meet Atria Windsor Woods resident Dovie S. and her pet bird, Crystal.

Crystal is a Nanday Conure, a small black-hooded parrot approximately 11-12 inches in size. Crystal, who is 30 years old, has been by Dovie’s side nearly all her life. She loves to sit on Dovie's knee out on the screened-in porch of their apartment.

This particular species of parrot is certainly not shy. They are actually known to be quite vocal. In fact, some of Crystal’s favorite pastimes include answering birdcalls with a cry and squawking at anyone who passes by the apartment. One of her favorite words is "out" when she wants to go on the porch.

Nanday Conures are very social birds, attaching strongly to their owners. “When I was in rehab, she came to visit me after stopping to be admired by each person she saw along the way,” said Dovie.

Dovie and Crystal have created a special bond for the last 24 years and they don’t like being separated from each other for very long.

Crystal is also a bit of a fruitaholic. “Crystal’s favorite food is an apple but she also likes to taste bananas, strawberries and mandarin oranges,” Dovie added.

For bird lovers, Nanday Conures make beautiful, intelligent pet birds and are fun company. “Crystal let’s me know when she is ready for bed when I turn off the TV or when it begins to get dark.  In other words, she rules the roost!”


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