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My husband and I are residents of Atria West 86th St. I had researched Assisted Living residence for several months. I remember the first time I walked into the renovated and elegant lobby. I heard a concert going on for residence. So, I was not surprised to learn of the array of activities here---the theater, films, drama, French lessons - on and on. I wasn't surprised at the very good food or the choices of dining. I love the graciousness of the dining room while my husband likes the New York City feel of the Grille. We both enjoy the morning Coffee Cafe where we go for coffee and croissants or healthy snacks during the day. Our nutrition has improved enormously. The other day during a dreadful heat wave I rode to my doctor appointment in an air conditioned Atria car. The care and companionship available really lifts the spirits. What I like is the warm and helpful response of staff from the wait staff and maintenance to wellness. I am impressed that West 86th St. has captured such an across the board kind and caring staff. But they have done it and I am only left to wonder why we didn't do this sooner. It is a gift to have this kind of care at this stage of our life.

- Mary C., Resident
You can live the way you want to here, there are lots of choices. I came to Manhattan when I was 30, now I’m 92. I love being in the city. As I am here longer I find I like it better. To be old in New York is just as good as being young in New York. Everything is available. If you need help, you can get help. It’s really a wonderful city. I like the location of Atria, it’s really convenient to everything. I enjoy music, theater, restaurants, everything. From top to bottom, the staff here is exceptional. That makes a difference. The people here are so friendly, pleasant and helpful. People like Pam and Enza are really exceptional people.

- Eleanor F., Resident
I love Mercedes, Ilana and Wendy from Engage Life. They are very personable. Things are hands-on. Ilana conducts a current events seminar that is absolutely the best, and she conducts the museum trips. She does a phenomenal job and is highly intelligent. Mercedes is hands-on with crafts and different projects. She is readily available to talk to. The same for Wendy, and she is a good Scrabble partner. Ingrid, in Housekeeping, is most lovely. She’s an outstanding employee, she’s been here 18 years and that speaks for itself. Victor and Rochelle, at the concierge desk, are very personable and their follow-up on detail is great. They take good messages. And my daughter lives in the area. The dining service could not be better.

- Thelma K., Resident
I have a very busy life at Atria. I can get care in an emergency, I’m looked after, I’m safe. The day I put down a deposit, I discovered an old friend had just moved in – we had met on a world cruise. We were dinner partners for four months, and he is my dinner companion again. The staff is just wonderful, and I have tons of friends who love me. I go out a lot. I love being part of this community. I have a beautiful apartment with my paintings and my furniture. We have two dining venues and a café, and guests come visit and eat with me here. They make a real effort to make things that taste good, look beautiful. I even host friends sometimes four times a week. And we enjoy it! I love the ride on Sunday afternoons. I like going out and riding, and someone else is doing the driving.

- Betty Z., Resident
Atria was exactly what I wanted and turned out to be better than expected. It’s a comfortable place for people on their own, and for couples. The staff is compassionate, fast and efficient. That’s why I’m here. I’m comforted that I live in an environment where I will be taken care of immediately. It’s very easy for me to maintain a positive attitude because the people and the environment are great. I really love it here. I wouldn’t want to be back in my previous life. My first day here I thought, “I am free!” And I still feel that way. I also look forward to every meal. When given the choice to eat out, or eat here, I choose here. I am 100% happy.

- Al W., Resident
I like the fact that there are so many activities for me that I love, like the Drama Club. I was a drama major in college. We’re doing Neil Simon plays right now, and I enjoy that. There are concerts here every day, and if they don’t have it, they will set it up for me. My children are also here in Manhattan and that’s important to me. I get to see my granddaughters, great grandchildren, we have dinner every week. I can really take advantage of life here. The location is great, I just take the car service and can visit family.

- Rita P., Resident
I love it here. In my retirement I wanted to be in a place where I feel protected, and I feel completely protected here. Everything is taken care of: medications, entertainment, food, shows, museums. The staff here is unbelievable – I can’t say that enough. And I’ve met wonderful people who are accomplished, well-educated and nice. It’s also in the middle of the city I love, where I’ve lived all my life. For me this is the perfect place. This is my home.

- Lester S., Resident