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Telling Tales: What Your Family Says About You – Atria Senior Living Blog

Telling Tales: What Your Family Says About You

Listen to your elders - family stories give us a stronger sense of identity and belonging.

I come from a long line of “talkers.”

My mom is first-generation Irish-American, and her family nickname is Parrot, if that tells you anything. The gift of the gab is strong in us. But I didn’t always appreciate the jabber. (more…)

5 Things You Can Do To Make This Year’s Family Reunion the Best Yet

5 Things You Can Do To Make This Year’s Family Reunion the Best Yet

Take your family reunion to the next level with these ideas aimed to make the most of your time together.

Little ones running and chasing their cousins. Babies being held in the arms of wise great-grandparents. Family reunions are full of simple pleasures like these, yet they take a lot of planning. The when, where and who of a family reunion can be so time consuming that we sometimes forget why we’re getting together in the first place – to deepen our connection with the people we love, bridge generations and share the most precious gift we have to give – time. (more…)


Making the Moments Count

To Learn More About Alzheimer's Disease & Memory Care, Visit Atria Senior Living Communities Today! blog.atriaseniorliving.com

November marked National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, and education and fundraising are thriving to help those facing the demands of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. But, if you and your family are directly affected, you know that what you are experiencing isn’t contained to one designated month of the year. Regular, routine activities can feel like chores, communication can be difficult and family dynamics can get lost in a sea of tasks. (more…)

Questions to Consider Before Taking on the Role of Family Caregiver

Caring for Your Aging Parent: 5 Questions to Ask

Many don’t think about how they will care for an aging parent until they’re forced to make a decision. Here are some questions to consider.

As parents age, their needs grow while their ability to care for themselves declines. This is especially true when a parent lives alone. Unfortunately, many don’t think about how they will care for an aging parent until they’re forced to make a decision. (more…)

Family Resources

These family resources for senior living are helpful for families and older adults who are seeking more information about senior living.

Elderly woman reading a book.

Assisted Living – What You Should Know

An overview of assisted living, how it differs from other senior living options and the qualities that you should look for in an assisted living community.

When you’re making a decision to move your mom or dad into a senior living community, the challenges in front of you can seem insurmountable. There is certainly no shortage of questions and confusion; this, in conjunction with the emotional factors that weigh on your mind, make the ideal path unclear.


Big John and his daughters

Family Ties at Atria Sandy

John enjoys his living in his independent living apartment and being active in the community at Atria Sandy. Read the full story on Wit and Wisdom...

John “Big John” Schirack and his three daughters have always been close. When he moved into Atria Sandy in Sandy, Utah in 2007, he didn’t have to sacrifice his relationship with them at all. In fact, he sees them every day!


Mother and Daughter

Moving to Assisted Living – Transition Checklist

This transition checklist can make moving to assisted living a lot easier. Read about the options on Atria Senior Living's Blog, Wit and Wisdom.

Making the decision to move oneself or a loved one to an assisted living community is difficult. It is not a decision to be made lightly. For those who need just a little assistance with day-to-day activities, moving to assisted living may be the best option. (more…)

The Family Kitchen: Why It Means So Much To Us at Atria

The Family Kitchen: Why It Means So Much to Us at Atria

The kitchen remains one of the most important points of difference in all Atria communities; Find out why.

Rick Wigginton and I recently sat down for a chat about the idea of how great food experiences help restore a sense of normalcy and balance for older people. Rick has been helping families find the right place for their aging family members for years, and has a unique perspective on this topic. (more…)