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Quality Enhancement at Atria – Atria Senior Living Blog

Atria’s Commitment to Quality

At Atria Senior Living, everything we do is driven by quality. To deliver that promise, we created the Quality Enhancement program to ensure that every aspect of community living is up to our standards.

At Atria Senior Living, everything we do is driven by quality. Our number one goal is to make the best possible life for our residents. To deliver on that promise, we created the Quality Enhancement program to ensure every aspect of life at our communities meets the highest standards in the industry. Sheela Stevens, EVP Quality Officer, has long been a pioneer in our unique, industry-leading approach to quality. We sat down with her to learn more about Atria’s Quality Enhancement program and the role it plays in our communities.


Ann Young

8 Ways To Feel Young, according to Ann Young

Atria Elizabethtown resident, Ann Young reveals eight ways she feels young, and lives an active lifestyle

Ann Young is a vibrant woman. She is an artist, a nature lover, and is strong in her faith. She is family-focused and health-conscious. Ann also happens to be a grandmother, and not just any grandmother - she's the winner of Atria Senior Living’s “Gorgeous Grandma” contest. (more…)

John Moore and resident

Making Good on Our Promises

Atria Senior Living's Chairman of the Board and CEO, John Moore, discusses the ways we maintain quality to better serve our customers.

I stay busy as Atria’s Chairman of the Board and CEO, and finding time to visit our communities is sometimes harder to do than I’d like. So I really cherish the times when I do get to visit, because there’s no substitute for seeing a community in person and having face-to-face conversations with our customers and dedicated managers and staff. (more…)

Our Mission

Atria Senior Living is dedicated to encouraging an active lifestyle, promoting independence, enhancing lives and exceeding expectations every day.

Questions to Ask Assisted Living Communities about Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Part 1

To ensure a safe and secure living environment for your memory-impaired parent, ask assisted living communities these questions.

Part 1: Living Environment

If you’re considering care for your family member who suffers from a memory illness, the items at the top of your checklist are likely related to finding a safe and  healthy living arrangement in which your family member will not just live, but live well. When you’re making a personal visit to an assisted living community, take every opportunity you have to ask questions about Alzheimer’s and memory care.


An Amazing Journey Leads to Atria

Before joining Atria Carrollton's staff, this tenured employee lived in Bosnia during the war in 1992...

We know Atria is home to inspiring residents and employees. Sandy Taso, the Engage Life Director at Atria Carrollton in Texas, has certainly inspired us with her story.

In 1992, war broke out in Bosnia, Sandy’s native country. (more…)

Memory Walk

Shout-out to Atria Summit Hills

An employee at Atria Summit Hills raised $9,000 for the Alzheimer's Association.

At Atria, we strive to enhance lives and exceed expectations every day. In fact, that very commitment is woven so deeply into our fabric, it’s part of our mission statement.

Katie Race, Life Guidance Director at Atria Summit Hills, made the company’s mission her own by setting a personal goal to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research. (more…)

Motivating Older Adults to Engage in Fitness Programs

Atria on the Hudson promotes active aging and motivates older adults to reach new health and fitness goals.

September is Active Aging Month, and as senior living communities are busy preparing special events and celebrations, it’s important to focus on encouraging residents to regularly participate in health and fitness programs. (more…)