Types of Careers

Types of Careers

Director of Culinary Service
Your regulars will love you!
Food is an important part of life, and an integral part of the Atria experience. Our Directors of Culinary Service cater every day to a discerning group of residents who deserve a high quality menu. Heading up all kitchen and dining services within the community, the Director of Culinary Service owns an important piece of resident satisfaction. Your culinary artistry talent will be put to the test from menu planning, to food preparation, to the execution of the fabulous presentation in the dining room, close attention is paid to every detail to ensure the best experience possible. Our chefs take great pride in creating delicious, high-quality selections with service to match.

Atria provides a full training and resource program to support our Directors of Culinary Service in their valued community roles. This program includes regional and national leaders in the food service industry who guide and develop some of the best services and signature dining experiences anywhere. Your best supporters, and toughest critics, are undoubtedly the residents who enjoy the fine food you plan and prepare for them every day.

Resident Services Director
Who will care for her mother the way she would care for her mother? You will.
Atria Resident Services Directors lead a super-charged team of compassionate Resident Services Assistants and Certified Medication Technicians in what we simply call the Care Department – the perfect name for such an important and well-loved group within the Atria community.

Atria Resident Service Directors wear many hats. Although we require all Atria Resident Service Directors to have an LPN or RN license, it is important to understand that working in an assisted living community is pretty far from a clinical setting. For example, a few responsibilities of a Resident Services Director include performing resident assessments; viewing all photos of the newest great-grandchildren; hiring, training and scheduling care staff; laughing at the same jokes over and over; and counseling with family members and doctors.

The Resident Services Director is supported by a team of regional and national professionals who've developed industry-leading training programs and support systems. But the best support you'll receive is from the dozens of residents who just appreciate the fact that you're there for them.

Engage Life Director
Calling all Active Aging Professionals!
Atria Senior Living has been a pioneer in developing an active aging lifestyle for seniors called Engage Life®. Engage Life is rooted in a person centered approach to programming that reflects the health and whole person wellness interests of seniors seeking an active lifestyle. Our most successful Engage Life Directors are people who find joy in helping seniors live as independently and actively as possible.

We are seeking Active Aging professionals who understand the health, wellness, and activity interests of seniors. A Bachelors degree in Gerontology, Psychology, Recreation, or a related area of study is required. Engage Life Directors are responsible for getting to know the interests and goals of every resident in order to offer a lifestyle that celebrates the whole person-mind, body and soul.

If you are a creative and innovative professional interested in the fast growing profession of Active Aging within the senior living industry we would like to talk with you about our Engage Life Director opportunities!

Community Business Director
To provide the best care, we must run a superior business.
You may not realize it, but at Atria, the Community Business Directors are at the hub of community life, and they work closely with the Executive Directors of the community to help keep everything running smoothly.

Atria Community Business Directors have primary responsibility for the financial health of a community through billing and collecting for services provided, processing payment for vendors, and managing the salaries of the staff. In addition to financial functions, there are a number of human resource administration tasks that are performed by the Community Business Director, including benefits enrollment, processing pay increases, new-hire orientation and in-service training. Community Business Directors also have the pleasure of interacting with residents and helping to maintain the warm and caring atmosphere found in Atria communities.

At Atria, we know that providing the best for our residents and employees means that we must run a superior business. Our Community Business Directors are key to helping us do just that.

Community Sales Director
Selling a brighter future requires the brightest sales professionals.
Community Sales Directors play an integral role in the success of our communities. Seniors and families who come to Atria are making a huge emotional and financial investment with Atria, and it all begins with our Community Sales Directors. Atria Community Sales Directors have many days filled with outreach at area hospitals and rehab centers, one-on-one meetings with physicians and discharge planners, and tearful conversations with sons and daughters who need answers for their elderly parents. The most rewarding part of sales at Atria is truly helping people – seniors who feel isolated or family members who need help caring for their elderly loved ones.

Our sales staff must be masters of sales and true self-starters who are able to produce results. Atria has one of the most comprehensive orientation and training programs in the industry for our sales professionals. We also employ regional and national sales leaders who fully support a comprehensive sales culture within each Atria community.

Executive Director
Great communities rest on the foundation of great leadership.
At Atria, we believe that the highly effective Executive Directors are the key drivers of the success of our company. Atria Executive Directors are responsible for the planning and implementation of daily and long-term operational objectives for their Atria communities. They have full financial management responsibilities. To be effective, Executive Directors must maintain and support strong management teams that work together to service the needs of residents and employees. This team includes a Community Sales Director, Business Director, Maintenance Director, Director of Culinary Services, Engage Life Director and Resident Services Director. They must serve as robust and reliable leaders for their team and demonstrate a high level of expertise in the senior-living industry.

Our most successful Executive Directors operate with a sense of pride and ownership in the success of their communities. And, the best reward is the love and care of the second family found among the special people who live and work in Atria communities.

Maintenance Director
Creating a safe and beautiful home for seniors
In Atria communities, the goal is to provide our residents with a safe, well-maintained home in which they can take great pride. The Maintenance Director role ensures that the community maintains the highest customer satisfaction standards in the areas of maintenance and housekeeping, which includes the appropriate scheduling and management of pertinent staff. Maintenance Directors should have knowledge of all aspects of the physical plant including the community's HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems, carpentry and major appliances. Effective Maintenance Directors posses a strong, working knowledge of budgeting and expense control, as well as demonstrate the ability to prioritize individual customer requests and larger maintenance projects.

Serving the maintenance needs of Atria residents is a rewarding career for maintenance professionals who are seeking a unique opportunity to truly make a difference for the people they serve.

Life Guidance Program Director
Bringing joy to the lives of those with dementia.
Atria Life Guidance Program Directors are a compassionate group of professionals who work in a challenging and rewarding environment. In our Life Guidance® neighborhoods for dementia care, we promote an individualized approach to resident programming and care where we celebrate each individual's life story, honor their successes and share joy and encouragement with each resident moment by moment. The Life Guidance Program Director plans and organizes a daily program and a full calendar of events that stimulate and reward residents with Alzheimer's and dementia. They must also schedule and train all Life Guidance staff and effectively model good communication and care.

Our best Life Guidance Program Directors have a true calling to bring happiness to the lives of this special population of seniors. Every moment of every day brings opportunities to share wonderful and meaningful moments with residents and staff.